parkingHave you ever struggled with parking at your office? With companies pushing to fit more people into less space, parking quickly becomes an issue. Many times when companies are searching for a new office, they may overlook the parking situation. What are the key general issues for your company in the parking component of your lease? Typically we see several:

• The amount of spaces you need versus what is available.
• Special requests such as specific Visitor parking and/or reserved parking
• Parking costs
• Hours of operation and security of the parking areas

It’s important that you look at a building in the middle of the work day when everyone should be at their desk. With this simple strategy we have discovered some buildings that have a severe parking problem caused by one or more tenants exceeding their quota. Oftentimes the parking can make or break a decision for a tenant. It is just one aspect of a well-rounded lease negotiation strategy. Let us help you customize an approach for your particular situation.