Recently we began working on a renewal for a new client. The very first thing we did was to review his current lease and rent invoice. When we review a lease, we complete a Lease Abstract form which is a 2-page summary of your 40+ page lease. This review gives us ideas for areas of negotiation during the renewal. Oftentimes we find non-monetary terms that could use some modification.

For this client, the rental rate is right around the market rate, so I am not anticipating being a super hero when it comes to the monthly rent. What gave us pause were some of the non-monetary terms of the lease. I found a fascinating holdover/lease expiration clause with a unique twist that benefits the landlord and could wreak havoc on the tenant. We discovered the guaranty held the corporation officers personally liable for the lease and the assignment/sublease clause was a bit onerous.

I have shared all of this with my client with my recommendations. Now I have begun engaging with the landlord to begin the renewal process, and it will be an interesting negotiation because most of our concerns are non-monetary. That is why you should have an advocate who understands these complex documents. Your landlord uses an expert leasing team, why shouldn’t you?

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